The right tan

December 25, 2021

All people are different. Some are born with white skin and blond hair. Others are naturally dark and dark-haired. Susceptibility to the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation varies among people, and depends on the type of skin and hair color.

However, no matter what type of skin you are, it is helpful to follow some simple tanning guidelines. Above all, avoid sun exposure between 11 am and 3 pm. At this time, the sun is closer to the part of the earth’s surface on which you are and the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is at its maximum. It is best not to wear revealing clothes during this time. Hats and sunglasses with glass lenses are desirable. Plastic usually does not block ultraviolet light.

It is better to take air baths in the morning or in the evening, being in the shade of a canopy. Going south, it is worth practicing a little in a familiar environment. Untreated skin exposed to the hot southern sun is at high risk. It is best to prepare your skin by tanning at the right time in natural conditions, but you can also visit the tanning salon several times.

After bathing, be sure to dry yourself dry. Water droplets act as lenses that focus solar radiation. When choosing a tanning spot, remember that the surface of the water reflects 100% of the sun’s radiation, sand – 20, snow – 80. You will get a significant part of the reflected rays.

When tanning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_tanning, be sure to use sunscreen, do not forget to read the instructions for use on the package. It is not a fact that you will completely protect yourself from harmful rays. But be sure to reduce the negative consequences and avoid burns.

Don’t feel like these simple precautions can be ignored. Statistics are relentlessly indicative of an increase in the number of diseases attributable to sun exposure. But you shouldn’t rush to the other extreme either. After all, the Sun is the source of all life on Earth, we need it. And that charge of vivacity that you will bring from the southern resorts will allow you to live comfortably until next summer.